What is Channels of Blessing?

We are an Association incorporated in Victoria, Australia and operate as a not-for-profit organisation.  We are also a registered Australian CHARITY with the ACNC.

What about tax deductibility?

We are currently not entitled to that status with the Australian Tax Office, so your contributions do not automatically entitle you to a tax deduction.  However, it may be possible to distribute funds to CoB in other tax effective ways.  Your accountant will be able to advise on this, and CoB is happy to provide any necessary information to help this process.

How much do you pay staff or employees?

Currently, CoB doesn’t employ any staff to run its operation – all activity and work is done on a volunteer basis.

Who pays for the running costs and expenses?

Generally, running costs are very low as most typical business expenses are donated.  However, there are some unavoidable costs incurred by CoB.  Therefore a very small percentage of donations will be used to cover these costs.

How can supporters be sure that Channels of Blessing operates ethically?

CoB uses the services of Insight Financial Solutions Pty Ltd to audit its accounts, as required by Australian tax law.

Why does Channels of Blessing have a travel fund?

All the projects and ministries on this site have been identified by the founders through personal visits to churches in other countries.  The foundation of financial support begins with relationship and trust.  We schedule regular visits to these churches (and others in the future) to build connection and encourage our recipients.

How do you select churches and ministries to support?

Similar to above, however we also screen our recipients to ensure that they place a high priority on stewardship.  We are also focussed on projects that are sustainable and can ultimately be carried forward by the local leaders.

Can I receive updates from those whom I am supporting?

We haven’t made this feature part of our ministry, however, if you would like to make a significant contribution over an extended period of time, we would certainly try to provide you with a closer connection with our recipients.

How can I make a payment to Channels of Blessing?

There are 2 ways payments can be made to our bank account:

  1. A simple Internet transfer from your account to ours
  2. A credit card payment to our account

Please contact us if you would like to support any of our ministries, projects, or if you simply want to contribute to the ongoing work of CoB, and we can make the necessary arrangements for payment.

Foreign Currency?

We have the ability to receive and convert most foreign currencies, so this ministry welcomes all international supporters!