min-jayBased in the USA, Jay Bartlett travels extensively bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to some of the darkest parts of the world.  He has a unique apostolic call on his life to destroy the works of the devil, bringing freedom and healing to all who face affliction.

He has a genuine concern for individuals and enjoys spending quality time ministering to people one on one.  However, most of his ministry is based upon invitation from larger groups of people and churches who recognise the value in publicly exposing the works of the devil, and therefore he is often called to spiritual settings that most of the Church avoids.  He has planted a number of churches over the years and operates in an overseeing role to numerous churches worldwide.

Jay’s ministry resembles the life of Jesus very closely, and his intimacy with Jesus is a beautiful thing to behold.  Jay loves working with Holy Spirit as his exclusive source of strength and power.  However, Jay is also very dependent on the generosity of supporters to ensure this ministry can continue to be an effective witness and testimony of the love and power of Jesus.  Please consider supporting Jay by contacting us.

For more information, you can visit Jay’s website here.