min-orlandoLed by Pastor Orlando Sacman, the United Family of God church is located just outside of Manila in the Philippines.  Pastor Orlando felt called out of his career to become a pastor around 15 years ago.  He now leads a growing church that operates predominantly in government housing areas providing not only a spiritual home, but also basic humanitarian needs to his community.

Pastor Orlando has also established several other churches in similar areas that are meeting the needs of local communities.  One of the most important needs in these churches is the support of pastors and leaders.  The pastors who help Orlando in his ministry are often forced to take a second job in order to support their family with the basic necessities of life.  Their families make large sacrifices so that these pastors can lead and care for people.  Sponsoring Pastor Orlando’s has an immediate and tangible impact, as it means that these pastors can spend more time in their communities sharing the Gospel message and helping meet the basic needs of the people.

The other major need in Pastor Orlando’s churches is the support of buildings and accommodation.  The United Family of God Church is expanding rapidly, and so is the task to meet the needs of the community around the church.  From expansion of the church building to the construction of an orphanage to the maintenance of dilapidated houses, there are many projects that require support.

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